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Men's Cowboy Cut Buddy's Jeans

A slightly looser fitting Buddy's Jean that has a little more room in the thighs, more fullness in the buttocks and a longer stride for a little more relaxed fit. They are designed to give you more comfort whether your are sitting at your desk or in your saddle. Made from rugged 14 oz. Cotton/poly blend Indigo Blue Denim - exclusive to Buddy's Jeans. Waist sizes 28 to 44.

Men's Cowboy-Cut Buddy's Jeans >> Waist 28-44
Price: $39.95
Size: Quantity:

Sizing Information

Buddy's Cowboy-Cut Jeans are sized true to the human body and we build in shrinkage. To determine jean waist size, measure your waist or lay down a favorite pair of your jeans on a flat surface, zipped. Put a ruler or tape measure across the waist band and double the measurement to determine your jeans waist size. You cannot use waist sizes from other brands since many of them use vanity sizing.

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